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1- Leader Kauan by DiegoGuilherme 1- Leader Kauan :icondiegoguilherme:DiegoGuilherme 43 0 #051 United Dugtrio by DiegoGuilherme #051 United Dugtrio :icondiegoguilherme:DiegoGuilherme 149 9 #050 United Diglett by DiegoGuilherme #050 United Diglett :icondiegoguilherme:DiegoGuilherme 100 6 #022 Alarala by DiegoGuilherme #022 Alarala :icondiegoguilherme:DiegoGuilherme 97 3 #021 Perekeet by DiegoGuilherme #021 Perekeet :icondiegoguilherme:DiegoGuilherme 85 4 #094 Voltheist by DiegoGuilherme #094 Voltheist :icondiegoguilherme:DiegoGuilherme 68 3 #093 Lighrit by DiegoGuilherme #093 Lighrit :icondiegoguilherme:DiegoGuilherme 64 5 #092 Lampst by DiegoGuilherme #092 Lampst :icondiegoguilherme:DiegoGuilherme 70 4 #095 Alsea by DiegoGuilherme #095 Alsea :icondiegoguilherme:DiegoGuilherme 118 15 #066 Cuthorn by DiegoGuilherme #066 Cuthorn :icondiegoguilherme:DiegoGuilherme 117 17 #072 Parabyssal by DiegoGuilherme #072 Parabyssal :icondiegoguilherme:DiegoGuilherme 77 5 #031 Thuncken by DiegoGuilherme #031 Thuncken :icondiegoguilherme:DiegoGuilherme 127 6 #029 Chictrik by DiegoGuilherme #029 Chictrik :icondiegoguilherme:DiegoGuilherme 103 11 VS Elite Four Giselle by DiegoGuilherme VS Elite Four Giselle :icondiegoguilherme:DiegoGuilherme 31 9 Professor Vera by DiegoGuilherme Professor Vera :icondiegoguilherme:DiegoGuilherme 36 0 #002 Eartillo by DiegoGuilherme #002 Eartillo :icondiegoguilherme:DiegoGuilherme 43 2


Commission: Frozen-Echo by JESGRAD07 Commission: Frozen-Echo :iconjesgrad07:JESGRAD07 43 1 034.Dollure by ReallyDarkandWindie 034.Dollure :iconreallydarkandwindie:ReallyDarkandWindie 53 2 Alice - The Cold-Hearted Officer by BradSimonian Alice - The Cold-Hearted Officer :iconbradsimonian:BradSimonian 79 12 Fino - The Fiery Fitness Instructor by BradSimonian Fino - The Fiery Fitness Instructor :iconbradsimonian:BradSimonian 67 30 Re-Draw 006: Craggoat by AdamFegarido Re-Draw 006: Craggoat :iconadamfegarido:AdamFegarido 77 11 Worms by FrozenFeather Worms :iconfrozenfeather:FrozenFeather 83 46 098 Polynett by HourglassHero 098 Polynett :iconhourglasshero:HourglassHero 79 16 ocean man by genicecream ocean man :icongenicecream:genicecream 530 11 075 - Gretzki by pokeluka 075 - Gretzki :iconpokeluka:pokeluka 112 17 118 Mega Expertri by zerudez 118 Mega Expertri :iconzerudez:zerudez 250 20 124 Mega Reefallion by zerudez 124 Mega Reefallion :iconzerudez:zerudez 307 34 Zumbran Venomoth by Elazulmax Zumbran Venomoth :iconelazulmax:Elazulmax 132 32 #43 Siphoskeeto by locomotive111 #43 Siphoskeeto :iconlocomotive111:locomotive111 169 62 Larvesta line regional variant by JWNutz Larvesta line regional variant :iconjwnutz:JWNutz 120 20 Chinese Zodiac.:Tiger:. by sakimichan Chinese Zodiac.:Tiger:. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 15,477 327 Sand Dwellers by Darksilvania Sand Dwellers :icondarksilvania:Darksilvania 908 39



DiegoGuilherme's Profile Picture
Diego Guilherme Souza
Artist | Student | Design & Interfaces
Hello! I'm Diego Guilherme, Brazilian and Capricorn, big fan of Pokémon. In addition to drawing one of my great passions are sports, especially volleyball. I love creating fakemon, especially those involving concepts of Brazilian culture.

- Student of Graphic Design;
- FakeMaker;

SNAP - diegogguilherme
TWITTER - @DgDigui

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1- Leader Kauan

"The little pest in the woods."

AGE: 10;
Bull sign;

DESCRIPTION: Kauan is the leader of the gymnasium of Amazoon City, officially known as Amazoon gymnasium. This will be your first challenge in the Brasar region. His specialty is the grass type. If he is worthy and wins it in battle, he will be awarded a seed badge as a symbol of his victory. Kauan is a playful boy, very clumsy, is always getting into confusion, a real pestinha. At only seven years old, during a school camp, Kauã, as always very curious, decided to leave the group and explore alone the vast forest of Amazoon. Several days passed and, as expected, Kauan was lost, rangers, firefighters and police officers were fired, but it seemed impossible to find the boy in the dense forest. After almost two months, with the searches already closed, Kauan's parents did not lose hope of finding their dear son alive, they decided to enter the forest themselves and look for the boy, when, as in a kind of Arceus miracle, Boy walking next to several grass type Pokémon. Kauan had become a member of the forest, the Pokémon saw him as a new member of the family. During his time in the forest, he learned a lot from the Pokémon, slept together in the treetops and played on the grass on sunny days, they became true friends. Even back at his home, Kauan kept thinking of his new friends Pokémon, still in school the boy stood out among the rest, was considered a prodigy boy and when he turned ten years old, he was invited by the Pokémon League to become Leader of gymnasium. It has a unique battle style, next to its grass Pokémon, the boy can give you a tremendous headache.


- United Diglett Lv. 12
- Repollicy Lv. 12
- Beabulb Lv. 15
#051 United Dugtrio


50% M 50% F
HEIGHT: 1.0m / WEIGHT: 35.9kg
ABILITY: Leaf Guard / Arena Trap (hidden)

DESCRIPTION: Dugtrio, the mole Pokémon. For Diglett to evolve into a Dugtrio, he needs to reach level 26. At the top of their heads, three distinct plants germinate known as "Dug Plants". On the larger head, we can find a species of tree endowed with large leaves that protect them from solar radiation. Along its trunk, grow nutritious nuts. The leaves that are on the top of the smaller head have a high medicinal power and are highly sought after for the production of natural tea while its flower exudes a sweet fragrance that attracts pollinators. They dig large holes to store food, most of the time the fruits that have been stored end up germinating, giving rise mostly to new forests. They are considered as natural meters of soil quality, since they only live on fertile and nutrient rich soils.

MOVES: Earthquake, Razor Leaf, Sand Attack, Growl ...
#050 United Diglett


GENRE: 50% M 50% F
HEIGHT: 0.3m / WEIGHT: 0.9kg
ABILITY: Leaf Guard / Arena Trap (hidden)

DESCRIPTION: Diglett, the mole Pokémon. Diglett always inhabited the soil of the Brasar region, but due to the high fertility of the soil, plants began to germinate at the top of his head, leading Diglett to adaptation, gaining the grass type. They are easily seen close to agriculture, where they are generally used to assist in various services, such as opening up planting sites.

MOVES: Bulldoze, Razor Leaf, Sand Attack, Growl ...
#022 Alarala


GENRE: 50% M 50% F
HEIGHT: 1.2m / WEIGHT: 27.6kg
ABILITY: Tangled Feet / Big Pecks (hidden)

DESCRIPTION: Alarala, the macaw ptarmigan. For Perekeet to evolve in an Alarala, it must reach level 25. They live in the vast forests of Brasar. They love to eat Brasar Nut, a very nutritious chestnut, typical of the region, which due to the action of man are becoming increasingly scarce. Its feathers, as well as those of its pre-evolution are bright and very colorful, endowed with unique colors in the Pokémon world, this fact made it threatened of extinction, since they are much sought after for the making of clothes and costumes. This Pokémon is able to imitate and learn human speech.

MOVES: Echoed Voice, Aerial Ace, Feather Dance, Sing ...
#021 Perekeet


GENRE: 50% M 50% F
HEIGHT: 0.3m / WEIGHT: 3.5kg
ABILITY: Tangled Feet / Big Pecks (hidden)

DESCRIPTION: Perekeet, the colored Pokémon. They are found in abundance in the vast forests of Brasar. They live in large flocks, which are delimited by their coloration. Their feathers may vary according to their diet. More than seven colors are known, which were diffused through the crossing between individuals of different colors.

MOVES: Tackle, Gust, Sand Attack, Sing ...


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